Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Glendale Crossing Festival began in 1976 as the Glendale Community Festival, and was part of the United States celebration of its' 200th birthday. Byron Crawford was the Grand Marshall of our very first parade. Since then, the festival has grown and changed a bit, but still maintains its' country charm that everyone has come to love.

The Glendale Crossing Festival is always held on the 3rd Saturday in October and hosts roughly 500 art, craft and food booths. We also have the Crossing Festival Parade, featuring a huge assortment of floats, cars, old tractors and everything else that makes a parade special!

Crossing Festival Hours:
Saturday, October 21st 8:00 am until 5:00 pm
Festival Parade on Main Street: 10:00 am


If you would like to be a part of the Glendale Crossing Festival, please send a
written request to Sheree Vance at:

The Glendale Crossing Festival
PO Box 131
Glendale, KY 42740

Vendors interested in participating should contact Sheree Vance. All Crossing Festival booths are booked through her. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at our festival!


The Glendale Crossing Festival is fun for all ages, and offers a little bit of "something for everyone!"

What a terrific way to enjoy an old fashioned day in the country...


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